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Purple Phantom Quartz
Rainbow Moonstone
Strawberry Quartz


Adjustable between 14cm-19cm


Blue Topaz is believed to promote truth and forgiveness, relaxing the spirit as well as the body. Those who use meditation advocate it as a splendid stone for attuning to their higher self.

Purple Phantom Quartz’s name is taken from the particular structure of the Phantom-Crystal’s crystallization. Each crystal exhibits the outlines of many other smaller crystals, which are called phantoms. 

Phantom-Crystal is an effective aura cleanser, dispelling the negative energies that linger in your personal auric fields. It also removes any negative thought or emotion that’s preventing the positive flow of energies in your life. The healing energies of this crystal will give you inspiration, clarity, and strength, providing you support and insight.

Rainbow Moonstone  is associated with the Third Eye and Crown chakras. It is an excellent aid to meditation as it helps to calm the physical mind from the chatter and over-thinking that so often interferes with a peaceful meditation.

Strawberry Quartz is a beneficial crystal for those who always require comforting or soothing energy, such as healers and therapists. Strawberry Quartz is a very powerful crystal, but its energies are very gentle, loving, and supportive.

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